As a great representative of the bus industry, Yutong has built the world’s first bus museum in Zhengzhou, Henan Province after preparing for 6 years. It aims to record the development of bus, witness the change of public transport, present manufacture of bus and spread the knowledge and culture of bus.

This is a vivid three-dimensional textbook for deep understanding of the development of bus all over the world, as well as a sacred hall for immersive experience of bus culture. The history of bus in a century is told alongside the development of human society, from the period of public carriage, to the rise and fall of streetcars and to the booming of vehicle era.

This is a feast for the concentrated display of bus industrial technology as well as a stage for showing modern digital technology. By using the digital technology such as sound, light, shadow and AR/VR, the exhibition vividly shows the classic shape and technology of bus in a century and allows people to touch the history, feel the classic and imagine the future in interaction.

This is an exhibition where you can hear stories, remember the change and play and learn in experiencing. It not only records the history of world’s bus, but also conveys the concept of public transport and draws the bright future for our travels. In the future, this will also be the platform for the communication of bus industry.

Exploring Yutong Museum (I)

Exploring Yutong Museum (II)

Yutong Bus History Museum

The brand experience center of Yutong covers an area of 2,800 square meters with two floors.

360° panoramic display of the Museum