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Vaccine Van(8.5-meter model)

Vaccine Van(8.5-meter model)

Medical Vehicle

Vaccine Van(8.5-meter model)

This model is specially developed for the "vaccination" stage, and it can go into communities and schools, etc. to provide convenient immunization services.

High vaccination efficiency:Vaccinate 20-30 people per hour.

Onboard smart vaccination management system:Auxiliary vaccination table enables fast and accurate vaccination. Real-time uploading of vaccination records, fully traceable during the whole process.

Flexible switch between different power sources:Easy switch between power grid and power generator to ensure vaccine safety.

Cold-chain storage:Controlled by microcomputer with temperature display and alarm system. Keep vaccines within the right temperature range for up to seven days without electricity


Vaccine Van(8.5-meter model)

Basic parameters

  • ModelVACCINE VAN 8.5-meter model
  • Vaccine refrigeratorVaccine refrigerator capacity is 37.5L; Cass A frost-proof; temperature in the refrigerator is 2℃-8℃; ambient temperature of operation is 5℃-43℃
  • Silent diesel generatorOnboard equipment is powered by power grid and onboard generator
  • Onboard air conditioner1 set of 1.5P top mounted air conditioner and 1 set of 2p wall mounted air conditioner


  • Vaccination stationThe vaccination records of the whole process are fully traceable and uploaded in real time; 8 automatic drawers can store corresponding vaccines; drawer capacity is 8L each, 8 drawers can store up to 200 doses of vaccines.The temperature in the box is 2-8℃; integrated cold chain monitoring can achieve real-time uploading of cold chain data; drawer is equipped with magnetic locks protected with instructions; emergency keys can open all drawers; with prevention and vaccination function
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