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Appearance really matters


Grand and mighty appearance gives people a strong visual impact. Falcon-like headlamps and car-style taillights are elegant and also ensure the safety with sufficient light. New style rearview mirror and decorative cover of tires match well with the whole vehicle. Good-looking appearance can improve the occupancy rate effectively and enhance the image of your company.

Create great benefit for you


With the distinctive thermal management system of engines and powertrain matching technology, the fuel consumption can be reduced greatly, thus increasing the profitability. Larger passenger capacity comprehensively enhances the operating incomes. A number of ergonomic designs enable passengers to enjoy the whole journey and create greater value for you.

  • ZK6147H

Exquisite Interiors, Upgraded Feelings

Luxury interiors take the sitting, standing and moving of passengers in the vehicle into account. The seat number ranks first among the vehicles of the same kind and meanwhile the ride comfort is ensured, thus improving operational benefits comprehensively. Humanized staircase design facilitates the boarding and alighting of passengers. Ergonomic seats can ease the fatigue of passengers. Comfortable and luxury interiors enable every passenger to enjoy a perfect trip.




Basic parameters

  • Engine modelL360 20
  • Dimension(mm)13670*2550*3860
  • G.V.W.(kg)22000
  • Luggage compartment(M3)8.4
  • Max. speed(km/h)125


  • Chassis manufacturerYutong Bus Co., Ltd
  • ClutchOuter diameter of friction lining 430, hydraulic remote control with air assistance
  • Gearbox6-speed manual gearbox
  • Brake systemDual circuit pneumatic brake, energy storage spring parking brake, ABS, retarder
  • Suspension systemAir suspension, bidirectional telescopic shock absorber
  • Tire295/80R22.5
  • Fuel tank (L)400
  • Others-


  • Seats59+1+1
  • InteriorsIntegral luggage rack, reading lamp, air outlet, curtain
  • Air conditioner (A/C)Non-independent roof-mounted A/C (38000kcal/h)
  • Heating systemNone
  • Audio & video systemMultiple DVD player, 17" LCD monitor in the front, 15" electric foldable LCD monitor in the middle
  • Service partsElectronic clock
  • Other facilitiesWindshield wiper, remote control lock
*Special statement:

Due to the conversion period between vehicle update and network display, the graphics and text parameters of the page may be different from the actual vehicle. The graphics and text content of the page are not used as the basis for actual vehicle booking. The actual vehicle configuration determined by the specific model and technical parameters shall prevail. Prospective buyers shall contact Yutong sales staff to confirm and Yutong reserves the right to change the picture parameters and the final interpretation.

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