Yutong in Africa

Yutong officially entered the African market in 2004. So far, its total sales volume in the African market has exceeded 17,188 units and the total export volume to Africa counted for 45% of China’s total bus exports to this area. Yutong has set up a comprehensive sales and service network in nearly 50 African countries including South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, etc. and has had KD factories in Nigeria, Ethiopia and other countries.

Representatives from African countries visit Yutong factory

Our achievements

Service station 60
Total sales volume in Africa Over17,188Units
Cover 52Cities

Yutong Bus Travel to Africa

Through more than ten years of efforts in the African market, Yutong has established a good brand reputation in this area with its powerful technical strength, and safe, reliable, economical and innovative product features as well as trusted service solutions.

Yutong opens a new era of cooperation and win-win situation in the African market

Africa is not only an important strategic development partner of China, but also an important strategic market for Yutong. As a leading bus manufacturer in China, Yutong actively responded to the national “going abroad” strategy and began to explore the African market 15 years ago, developing a deep friendship with local partners.

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F12 PLUS Intercity buses
12450*2550*3790 Dimension(mm)
125 Max. speed(km/h)
57+1 Seats

Specially designed for the African market, the bus boasts large luggage carrying capacity. The upgraded suspension system improves the reliability and ride comfort of whole vehicles.

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Trusted Service

Comprehensive, efficient and trusted service is an important guarantee for bus operation. Through various service measures, Yutong provides overseas customers with trusted service guarantee.

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